Lines in the Sand

Because we are all in this together. We are one. We are the same (animal and/or human), and international borders do not serve our oneness/ »

Fear is the Mind-Killer

The following is a quote from Dune by Frank Herbert. Copyright © 1965 Herbert Properties LLC. All rights reserved. I must not fear. Fear is the »

D-Thanks & Fun & Change

For the record, I stopped using Regular (R) & NPH (N) and started using NovoRapid & Lantus in the middle of August 2014. We are now »

Diabetes Awareness Month

See #DiabetesAwarenessMonth on Twitter for more info. Now that Diabetes Awareness Month for 2014 is over, I thought I might take a moment to say thank »

Still Here? Yes!

So... My D-Blog and I are still here. Updated to Ghost v0.5.5 and ready to roll again. Call it a blogging vacation or something »

Big Time D-Challenge

... OK D-Beastie! Yes, I / we have changed the rules you used to know. Not that you follow rules. But you know how it is. Life is »